528Hz (solfeggio & fibonacci)

by featuring Knockzarelli & Row & Nora Yvelle



As the summer returns in Southwest Detroit a lot of unbalanced energy can cause confusion, chaos, fear, sorrow, and death. The hot weather can raise certain hateful frequencies that may test our peace as human beings.

These 3 artists banded together to form a musical prescription for the soul and to bring a ventilation to the summers hot pressing nature.

So, solfeggio tones create music to calm an overactive mind and send us towards connecting with the divine.

528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.

much love & gratitude,

Knocks, Row, & Nora.



Raise your voice
Lets make sum noise

======= KNOCKZARELLI =======
Its a hot m*hph*ckin summer
My heart beats increase and bang like a drummer
Cuz these streets catch heat, feelin like im under -
A blanket of hate i cant breath

Where's the come up?

The struggle is trill
My brothas pop pills
Caught up in the crazy, man we can't sit still
Always often wondering, why u gotta state real
N***a this, n***a that, yo what's the really Dilly?

Glorify the hatred, now u can't see clearly
U looking in the mirror, make attempts tryna kill me
deep down, cuz you hate yo self, so silly
The real wealth is built in health, now u feel me?

_ eye strategize, and multiply
I fly high, inspire u to rise and be that divine life!
U lookin like,
Its hard to live nice,
Its gonna fuxk up when u look back and lived a lie!

Dark matter, matters, dont let yo thoughts get scattered
And im flattered that u took the time
To make your brain fatter
Turn beauty outta disaster, much faster
No more slaves cuz we ownin all the masters...

Whats that u say?
no more slaves cuz
We owning all the masters

======= ROW =======
Raise your fist, aint you tired of the mess/ Im pist, trying get my momma outta this obsess/
fear seems to control all the crime we commit/

fear of us all of suddenly losing your shit!
Fear of losing your home they want us all evicted/

Fear of losing your kids they want us all in prison/
fear of putting food on yo plate planting all the sickness/ fear of losing your voice they wouldn't listen/
its our time, I, rewind my mind/ reminisce my life, through my eyes
make sure I dont make the same mistake twice/
as I approch the mic, recited all my rhymes/
as emcee, im just developing for my city/ Motor city in me, load the until its empty/ money greed and fuckin envy/ got my city feelin empty/
bestfriends turn to enemies funny hows there plenty/
Fuck the system, I see these donald sterlings lurking/ Searching of a way to keep pur voices from murging/
In too one, you think we done but we.far.from it/
Better get ready now, cuz we all coming!
This is more than music, more than how you do it/ More than working that 9 to 5, More than tryin to survive/ from headaches to headbreaks, southwest is our place/ Hometown Hero heart of the city they cant take!

======= NORA YVELLE =======
Raise your voice
Lets make sum noise

The world gets crazy
Don't worry baby

Just always know your not alone
Look into your souls
Together we can make it known

The spotlights on now
Tell me are you home?

It's time to steal this show
put Southwest back on the map
Lets make it known.....

The tropyhys in our hands. ..(?)
We''ll never fold .



released May 15, 2014
produced by XXYYXX




Sacramento Knoxx Detroit

Musician / Media Arts

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