The Trees Will Grow Again

by @Knockzarelli

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"THE TREES WILL GROW AGAIN" piece is speaking to the mass destruction colonialism currently has made for the people in Palestine & historically across Turtle Island aka North America. With the ongoing imperialist devastation that humanity is facing from systematic oppression at this moment of history. This feature builds solidarity with Palestine through cultural work. And as people of color, it speaks to building a cross cultural movement in joint struggle against these illnesses on earth, in relation to the destruction of the earth, people are rising, and the trees will grow again.

World famous DJ Dez is on the cuts delivering the phenomenal hook.





The US government continues to unconditionally support Israel’s crimes against humanity.

The time is now, more than ever, to end Israeli Apartheid. We are calling for a national and global movement to boycott and divest from Israel.


released August 8, 2014

Sacramento Knoxx featuring DJ Dez

"The Trees Will Grow" Written & Produced by Sacramento Knoxx
"Beefed Out" Written & Produced by DeathStar Klic (Dustin Haffner & sK) 

Recorded at the legendary East Side Arts Alliance in Oakland, CA
Cuts recorded with Geno XO in Detroit, MI.

Art Design: & Nidal El-Khairy

Music Video:

Very Special Thanks to
-SOUL, The School Of Unity & Liberation
-AROC, Arab Resource & Organizing Center
-AYO!, Arab Youth Organizing
-East Side Arts Alliance: Peps, DonJuan, Sammy, Michael, & George
-Dustin Haffner, DeathStar Kilc
-Nidal El-Khairy
-DJ Dez
-Chris Gazaleh
-Casa De Kennedy
-The Regiment
-The Raiz Up
-Carl, J, Kayla, Jahayra



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Track Name: Sacramento Knoxx featuring DJ Dez - The Trees Will Grow Again
speech by Eyad,

_ raíz the flags, raíz the children, raíz a new system
clean out all the evil and the villains tryna kill us
We living like some strangers in our own damn house
what really went down, in a land so proud?

uprooted from the ground, theres looters in the town
they snatching up all of the people, so just look around
_Let’s flip the script for a real quick minute
let’s glorify sinning, n pillage the lil village

and take these weapons and murder all the civilians
_thats state side, where the hood gotta organize
against the police, they give no phvcks about
_build community and take these damn

Im layla khaled, mixed wit caesar chavez
free rasmea odeh, free oscar lopez
now free the land, and then free palestine
build the evolution, so we can decolonize

Cuts by DJ Dez

_ apartheid, apartheid, apartheid
thats three times, for the colonial enterprise
_ as it lies, and our babies gotta die
every word is with precision as we spit our rap lives

_I’m singing silently hanging from these olive trees
dropping tobacco down for my ancestors calling me
telling us to use our brain, and never be afraid
cuz we build a strong frame wit our indigenous ways

_ this is joint struggle, _ organized hustle
_ this is 48 laws of power with flexed muscle
_ nah nah, this head crack, concussions
we step back, wage love, raiz fists, and pump em

disrupt and rush em, no justice, no peace
no prison, no police, hate. it get crushed up
our people get cuffed up, locked in a tortured cell
but culture works well, as a weapon, never fails
its goes

Cuts by DJ Dez

_OUR EXISTENCE is an act of rebellion
in the belly of the beast as the shell hits
bunch of nit-wits phvckin up the climate that we in
making pro-fit off lies, mass in-car-cer-a-tion -NO!

_this is dangerous, political statements
capsules of knowledge, shout out to my spaceship
struggle form the grave shift to the day shift, shape shift
the matrix, take the red pill, swallow it

wake up, this is real, from the gaza strip
imperialism is strong, and loading up the clips,
Don't trip cuz we gotta tip the masters ship
no more slaves, cuz owning all the masters-is

make beauty out of disaster, much faster
Jedi master, manipulate dark matter
_can’t stop this flow, weak bladder
_as you should know..


Track Name: Sacramento Knoxx (featuring Dustin Haffner, DeathStar Klic) - BEEFED OUT

I'm beefed out with the FBI
Im beefed out with the CIA
Im beefed out with the I.C.E.
And cash still tryna rule everything round WE

_ _ why more police up in the hood
Why we leapin off a cliff dreamin wishin shoulda, woulda, coulda
Feeling like im facing king koopa
They quick to shoot ya, that
Violence, repression, that new old message

We demand schools
You supply tools
De - struc - ting
Everything around me cash rules
U.S. Occupation shooting triggaz from isreal
Our taxes are supporting a war crime deal

_ urban Shield with the shots from the steel
They want more cops
On the blocks, shits real
Stand up, fight back, resist state violence
To state prisons, they makin them private
Eye lids

Wide open, pull together, gotta get focused
They tryna control us
No joke in
Gotta get swollen
What's that mean?
More power, more police.
Profiting off genocide, more fund - ing

King kong bundy
In a country, in a community function
Pushin' people's, self de - ter - min - ation
We gotta raiz up
No more surveillance
Get yo lookin eyes up all the way from US

Drop the charges now,
and ya back the phvck up

De-fund activities with the police
War on terror
War on drugs
Boarder security
R U phvckin kiddin me
This is the land of the free


December 17th, 2010
Mohammed Bouazizi's self immolation caused a revelation
The United States raped our region
Tired of bein told what to believe in
Political oppression was what we were conceived in
The people demand freedom, chests heavin as we screamin
You invaded our soil with pigs, but that's what our religion forbids us from Eatin
Proceed to killin for treason, but is that the only reason?
US invasions seem to happen every season
Drones will sneak up while an Arab kid sleepin
And ya big guns be gleamin, just like ya flag
Red, white, and blue and you gotta salute or they'll question ya loyalty
And I ain't talkin 1940s, homie this is now
CNN be the source and you dare not question how
Look at em actin, they deserve to take a bow
They talkin bout the Dow and fittin in with the crowd
But they ain't tell you bout the local poverty
The invasions bein justified with democracy
People livin on the streets, yet yall focused on foreign policy?
Naw fuck your democracy
And that Adam Smith philosophy
Cause a free market economy is why we got poverty
If ya don't believe me just look at their ideology
Private property, inclusion of social policies
Cause while WE strugglin, they drivin Ferraris
This the same system that bombed Nagasaki
This American dream, is just another scheme
And my name ain't Martin but I still have a dream
CREAM, capitalism ruins everything around me
NSA, Patriot Act still ain't enough to drown me
The revolution found me
And the struggle surrounds me
Scream for the prisoners
Scream for the children
Scream for the poor and let's keep movin
Because I have a solution to this economic pollution, a political movement starts with US
Standing up for justice will always be a must
Educate, mobilize, inspire, and empower
We can't let our voices keep vein devoured

Poetry by

beat by
instagram: @Knockzarelli

Art Design by
Within the past couple weeks the illegal, terrorist, and apartheid state of Israel have killed over 300 Palestinians injured and displaced thousands and is now preparing for an all out ground invasion of the prison otherwise known as Gaza. .

Join us to to stand with the Palestinian people, demand an end to US aid to Israel, and honor those who have passed as Israel continues its attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and occupied 1948 Palestine.

-July 21st 2014